Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Syndicate Ship

The Syndicate is a semi-secret conglomeration of groups opposed to the actions of the Nanotransen corporation. The network includes environmentalists, political activists, disgruntled former Nanotransen employees, competing corporations, and any number of malcontents that the company has trod upon in its quest to become the largest corporation in the galaxy.

Their tactics include everything from sending specially-trained operatives to destroy the station to using bribery, brainwashing, infiltration, or espionage to insert traitors and revolutionaries into the station's ranks. In addition to an endless supply of revenge-hungry minions, the group has access to extremely advanced technology, making them the single greatest threat to Nanotransen's stranglehold on the plasma market.
(Text from the official goonstation wiki, their entry is too good to pass up)

Some WIP Pictures from the Syndicate Ship.

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