Saturday, 15 October 2011

Arrivals and Security Level - Part 1

Work has continued! The Arrivals/Security level is where new players will pass through from the loading bay in to the station, as well as where players will rush to when the emergency shuttle docks. Here's a few things that you'll find on this level.

The Brig

Whether you've been restrained for toolboxing a fellow engineer in to medbay, arrested on suspicion of leading an assistant revolution, or mobbed by security for failing your traitorous objectives, you'll probably find yourself in the brig at some point. With a main holding cell for minor offences, and a high security cell for more dangerous malcontents, the security team should have no problem dealing with the various outlaws on the station. (provided they stay alive long enough)


Supervising station imports and exports, all the duties of the dedicated QM team can be carried out here; from ordering raw materials, to engineering supplies, or fresh packs of cigarettes for the detective.

Misc Stuff

Some familiar brands for the vending machines. Warning; contains hyperzine cola

Part 2 containing the security checkpoint and loading hangar coming soon!

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