Saturday, 3 September 2011

Station 13 - Jackson's Stuff

Well now look at this shiny new blog! I suppose I'll use my first post to present some of the stuff I've contributed to the station so far. This has been my first real forray in to Hammer, so it's sort of been a learning experience, but so far it's going well. (most of this stuff will be posted in the order I made them)

The Bar
Perfect for meeting other crew members, organising meetings. or just getting a drink.

A place for crew to eat, or converse with a homicidal chef

Captains Quarters

Where the captain keeps his personal effects, along with the nuclear authentication disc.

Crew Quarters (unfinished)
Personal living spaces for the crew. While they are all generally cramped, some will be nicer than others.

Detectives Office

Found in the depths of the engineering sector, the detectives office is the cramped living space for the station detective.

Misc Stuff

Some early engineering level stuff

Space Cleaner! For all your janitorial needs

And a wallpaper I did for fun

And that's pretty much all I've done so far. More updates to follow!

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